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Chesil Beach

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Chesil beach, a natural shingle bank stretching for 16 miles to the west from Portland. There are many shipwrecks along the beach which makes it a Mecca for divers. The beach shelves as steeply below the water as above it making it a very popular place for fishermen with huge shoals of Mackerel in the summer and Cod in the winter. It is a place of extremes, during summer months it is usually like a mill pond but in rough weather it is often dangerous to be on the beach. During the great gale of 1824 eighty houses were destroyed and twenty seven people killed. In 1853 the New Hotel was damaged when a fishing boat was blown onto the roof.

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Chesil Beach Chesil Beach and Portland from high above Abbotsbury.
Chesil Beach from above the Portland Heights.
Chesil and the Fleet photographed from above the causeway.
Portland photographed from the hill above Abbotsbury.
The wreck of the Pervezza in Chesil Cove January 1920.
An autumn sunset at Chesil Cove.
Fishing boats on the beach with the Cove House Inn behind.
Chesil on a summers morning.
An old boat lies half submerged in the Fleet near Wyke Regis training camp.
A long exposure sunset shot on Chesil Beach.
Chesil Beach from the Portland Heights.
Another view of Chesil Beach from the Portland Heights taken by Brian Davies.
Another view Chesil Beach from the Portland Heights.
Chesil Beach in rough weather.
Chesil Cove
Fishing boats on Chesil Beach.
Sunset from Portland Heights.
Another sunset from Portland Heights.
Four views of rain approaching from Lyme Bay.
Chesil Beach taken from the old railway track above Verne Common Road.



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