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The Grove and Eastern Portland

The eastern side of Portland is mostly quarries. The most easterly settlement is the Grove, which grew around the young offenders institute (YOI). This was originally the main prison on Portland and was actually built by prisoners. Since the main prison moved to the Verne the Grove has been a YOI. There is now a large housing estate around the Grove but the original prison houses are still there around the prison wall on Grove road.

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HMYOI Portland seen from the south.
The YOI seen from the west.
Locally known as Nicodemus Knob, this stone pillar was left by quarry men to show the Portland Stone beds. It is about 40' high.
One of the many tunnels near to the Verne Citadel on New Ground. This area was built in 1892 and used to store ammunition for the Verne Garrison. 
One of the old gun emplacements near the Verne.
One of the quarries near the Verne.



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