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Portland Heights & Tout Quarry

The highest public part of the island is called Portland Heights, at the top stands Portland Heights Hotel and Dowsett's Garage. Just to the west of here is Tout quarry sculpture park, this is an old quarry that is now open for the public to explore. There are many stone sculptures around the park for you to find, some of them are pictured below.

Click the images to see them in full size.

This wonderful statue is called the Spirit of Portland, it stands proud overlooking Underhill on the roadside just below Priory Corner. It has two sides, one a stone mason and the other a fisherman.
The stone mason side.
This large fossil is set into the wall of the Portland Heights hotel, fossils like this are a common find in the quarries and under the cliffs.
This crane stands next to the road below Priory Corner, click here to read the text on the stone plaque in the foreground.
This path follows the line of the Merchant's railway through Tout quarry. This was the first private railway in the country, funded jointly by the stone merchants to carry stone to the barges at Castletown.
The Merchant's railway looking in the opposite direction.
This bridge is another remnant of the Merchant's railway.
This wonderful life size Iguana clings to a rock near the entrance to Tout quarry.



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