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Portland Railways


Below are many old pictures of the old Portland railways.

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Portland station looking towards Weymouth following the air raid damage of 11th August 1940. In the foreground bomb craters and damage to the end of the up platform. In the background the original signal box of 1877 still stands. To the right of the line of wagons stood the Portland signal box until completely obliterated in the raid.
Three coach gate set consisting of open brake composites numbers 6534, 6544 and open 3rd number 736 standing outside Portland station. It was painted in the salmon and brown livery of the LSWR. This set was constructed especially for the Portland branch in 1909 and later became set number 370.
Portland station looking towards the buffer stops on 21st April 1904. To the left is the goods shed and on the right open wagons stand at the platform behind LSWR coach No. 020.
The new Portland station under construction looking in the direction of Easton.
Construction of the E&HCR taking place over the Admiralty incline above Castletown. The rails and rollers can be seen in the centre, to the right is a lightly laid contractor's line and the dockyard in the background.
United Stone firm's wagon No. 11 being loaded in the United Stone Company siding at Perryfield Works in April 1930.
Numbers 30179 and 30197 ready to depart from Easton during the afternoon of Saturday 1st March 1952. To the left stands master Jenvey.
As No. 233 approaches Easton the fireman holds out the single line staff ready for the signalman. To the right is the siding which was the scene of the 1903 runaway.
'02' class 0-4-4 tank No. 30223 heads across the causeway towards Weymouth hauling three GWR coaches on 26th March 1951. Note the massive early radar defence system on top of the Verne.
Portland station in April 1904, the condition of the road surface in Victoria Square is clearly visible.

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