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The Fleet

The Fleet is a 16 mile long tidal saltwater lagoon that is only open the sea at its eastern end. Chesil beach stands between it and the sea and it stretches all the way to Abbotsbury in the west. It is bridged in only one place by Ferry Bridge, which takes traffic to Portland. As its name suggests there used to be a ferry here before the bridge was built. The tide runs very fast through the narrow opening under the bridge and fishermen line the bridge in the summer hoping to catch a large Bass. I have never seen one caught here but by all accounts it is an excellent place to fish.

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Chesil Beach and the Fleet from Portland Heights.
Chesil Beach, the Fleet and Portland from above Abbotsbury.
An old boat lies half submerged in the Fleet near Wyke Regis training camp.
Ferrybridge A satellite view of Ferry Bridge and the Fleet.
The Fleet A satellite view of the Fleet.



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