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Verne Hill

Verne Hill, Portland's highest point was dramatically reshaped during the 19th century as millions of tonnes of stone was extracted to build the breakwater. Later the Verne Citadel complex was built to house soldiers, it is now the Verne prison.

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An aerial view of the Verne prison.
Another aerial shot of the Verne prison.
The Great Verne Ditch, which goes right around the prison.
The Great Verne Ditch was excavated by convicts, the Royal Engineers and civilians, and took thirty years to complete. One million tons of stone were removed from here to be used for the building of the Portland breakwater. The ditch is a huge dry moat 37 metres wide and 22 metres deep, which surrounds the Verne Citadel. Verne Citadel was built as a barracks and was turned into the Verne prison in 1949.

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A view of Verne Hill from Portland Heights.
Chiswell, Fortune's Well and Verne Hill from the west.


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