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West Cliff

The coast path climbs steeply from Chesil Beach to Priory Corner then passes to the west of Tout Quarry. From here it gently slopes towards Portland Bill, it is an exhilarating walk but not for those with a fear of heights. The path is closed between St George's church and Weston due to fears of subsidence, there is one point when the path is completely undercut by a small valley. This is not obvious to walkers as there are some long stone slabs laid over the gap but walk along the undercliff from Chesil beach to Hallelujah Bay and look up to see why it is closed.

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A view of West Weares from above Chesil Beach showing the scree slopes of spoil from the quarries. This was just dumped over the side of the cliff. There are several places on the cliff path where the old railway tracks bridge the path so the trucks could be emptied over the edge.
Looking south towards Blacknor Fort. The cliff here is home to many nesting gulls and even Ravens and Peregrine Falcons. 
Blacknor Fort, take care here as the path here is very narrow in places.
Looking south towards Southwell Business Park from Weston.
The view north from Southwell back towards Weston and Blacknor.
One of the stone bridges for emptying the stone trucks over the side of the cliff.
Approaching the old higher lighthouse on Brankshome hill. This is now a bed and breakfast.
The higher lighthouse from the south.


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